A Little Magic, and a Lot of Metaphors: Inside a Carroll Language Classroom

A Little Magic, and a Lot of Metaphors: Inside a Carroll Language Classroom

⭐️归属感 是一种双向对话.

Students listening to music to identify similes and metaphors. A child using a balance board to focus on a difficult Orton-Gillingham phoneme task. 孩子们进行深呼吸. This is a day in Anna Siegel’s 5th grade Language classroom.

这可能看起来像一个典型的五年级教室, but under the surface you’ll discover how Carroll educators intentionally create a 学习文化-所以每个孩子都认为自己是一个熟练的学生.

它始于关系和信任. 在开学的头两个月里. 西格尔计划的活动可以建立联系. “我们彼此分享我们的故事. I open up about my ADHD and confide that sometimes I get distracted by things happening around me. 当这种情况发生时,我将如何为自己辩护.”

Classroom rules are written together, creating a sense of ownership and belonging. “I strive to design a safe space where students feel comfortable making mistakes, 寻求支持, 了解他们需要什么.”

谈论它是一回事, but teaching students to advocate for themselves and each other takes time. “We read many books about people with learning differences. 我们讨论并庆祝差异. Students can grab a ‘call a friend’ Popsicle stick when they need help. I try to eliminate any stigmas around making mistakes or asking for help.”

“如果一个孩子说,‘我数学太烂了.’ Instead of reinforcing that negative thought, I reframe it. We’ll talk about what was hard about the lesson and we brainstorm what would make math feel better.”

As students begin to see themselves as learners, that’s when we can really start 通用电气的 (推荐全球十大博彩公司排行榜他们需要的东西).

“卡罗尔的座右铭是‘我们尽可能快’, but as slow as necessary’ and this is what makes Carroll shine above other schools,安娜分享道。. “I recently planned a weeklong lesson on figurative language. 全班同学都对这个概念感到困惑. So, we dove into more relatable lessons: 搜索ing for similes and metaphors in music and videos, creating similes/metaphor symbols about ourselves using art, 等. Having the time and permission to help students master a skill before moving on, 这就是我喜欢在卡罗教书的原因.”

归属感 不合适吗?. It’s accepting each other for who we are, including all our challenges and differences. 当学生们觉得 他们属于, that’s when they can see themselves as skillful students and in control of their own learning.”

关于我 & 隐喻艺术项目

关于我 & 明喻艺术项目



  1. 首先,我用水彩画了我的背景. I picked my favorite colors—pinks, purples, blues, and greens.
  2. 然后,我用明喻和隐喻来描述自己. I like to cook and play basketball and soccer so I included statements about those things. “我的大脑和深海一样大,一样长."
  3. Finally, I put it all together with my photo in the center.

This project was so much fun—I got to make art and learn to write more descriptively.

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When students arrive at Carroll, our first priority is getting them to 买的 学习. 我们从入学面试开始. 我们告诉学生, “到目前为止,学校一直是一项观赏性的运动, you’ve been watching your parents and teachers hash it out. 到此为止. 在卡罗,这是你和老师之间的事. 你说了算.”

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“We are data obsessed at Carroll,” says 艾莉森·韦斯特,中学分部负责人. “It is a constant thread in the conversations among our teaching teams.” From the moment a student applies to the moment they graduate, student performance data are foundational to a Carroll education. A robust set of data informs how students are grouped academically so children with similar learning profiles are working together and feeling appropriately challenged.

Building Trust Through the Art of Play and Carroll Multis

Learning the values of being comfortably confident and thinking with an open mind are paramount to the Multis approach. 无论是表演即兴小品, 打羽毛球, 扶着朋友爬上攀岩墙, 雕刻一个戴水肺的潜水员, 或者焊接照明电路, 学生们不断探索新的兴趣, 经常发掘人才, 在一个支持和协作的环境中.

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