Meet Meaghan Kilian: A Dedicated Fundraiser Committed to Growing a Culture of 给 at Carroll

Meet Meaghan Kilian: A Dedicated Fundraiser Committed to Growing a Culture of 给 at Carroll

Meaghan Kilian joins 亚洲十大网上博彩 this week as Executive Director of Advancement. 

Meaghan comes to Carroll with over 15 years of advancement experience in higher education, 环保非营利组织, 私立学校. 最近,她曾担任St. 南伯勒的马克学校. 在圣. 马克的, Meaghan oversaw all strategy and frontline fundraising activity for a team that raised over $112M as part of the 重要的生活 ,这是圣路易斯市最大的筹款活动. 马克的历史.

梅根的学位是B.A. in Economics and Sociology from Trinity College and an MBA in Public and Nonprofit Management from Boston University.



My journey to Carroll actually started on the sidelines of a preschool soccer game where I struck up a conversation with Kate Collins, 中学部主任, 我们看着孩子们玩耍. Kate’s passion for Carroll was infectious and she encouraged me to consider learning more about the school and the Executive Director of Advancement position. 在和其他几位教员讨论之后, 工作人员, 和受托人, I was convinced that Kate was right; Carroll is indeed a very special place!


The Executive Director of Advancement is responsible for envisioning and executing the fundraising strategy that will help 亚洲十大网上博彩 achieve its next phase of growth. 在这个角色中, 我将与校长合作领导先进性小组, 卡罗尔同事, and volunteer leaders to grow annual revenue and long-term capital investment. 除了筹集资金, 先进性小组在吸引家长方面起着关键作用, 校友, 和学校生活中的朋友. 我期待着了解整个卡罗尔社区,无论远近.


A culture of giving involves understanding the impact of philanthropy and celebrating generosity in all of its forms. 我们慷慨地捐赠给对我们有意义的组织, 我们付出的方式多种多样——通过我们的时间, 宣传, 和慈善事业. The impact of past and present generosity to Carroll is evident in all the ways that the School is exceptional—its educators, 工作人员, 和程序, 以及它如何改变学生的生活.


I am so lucky to be joining a team that is already quite accomplished and to have the opportunity to build upon a very strong advancement foundation. 最近的成功 如果没有卡罗尔 Campaign and the growth in the 年度基金 over the past several years speaks volumes about the commitment of the Carroll community, 内部和外部. 在我的第一年, 我计划雇用两名新员工来完善这个团队, to meet and get to know as many members of the Carroll community as possible, and to lay the groundwork for significant growth in fundraising over the next several years.


布朗将归属感定义为“成为更大事物的一部分”, but also having the courage to stand alone and belong to yourself above all else.我发现这个定义特别适用于卡罗尔这样的学校, 每个学生, 老师, 家长, 工作人员, 等. contributes their own unique strengths and differences to the common cause of learning, 日益增长的, 互相支持.

Q: What are a few fun facts about your life outside work that you'd like to share with the Carroll community?

I live in Boxborough with my husband, Kevin, our daughters, Alexandra (5) and Lydia (1.5),和我们的80磅. 名叫利奥的猎犬. In our free time you will usually find us hiking on the trails in town (led by Leo), 或者在当地的操场上蹦蹦跳跳.




As part of our commitment to expanding awareness of dyslexia and learning differences, 亚洲十大网上博彩 is proud to be a founding school of a new education organization focused on collaborating and advocating for students with learning differences. LD学校协会是一个新的非盈利组织, private school organization including over 50 founding schools across the country and in Canada that serve students with learning differences.

这是Detra Watson,低年级部主任

I am thrilled to extend my warm greetings to the Carroll Community in my new role as the 亚洲十大网上博彩 Division Head. It is with great humility and honor that I have been selected to lead the wonderful students, 工作人员, 和卡罗尔的家长们. My primary goal is to foster an inclusive and vibrant learning environment that caters to students with language-based learning differences, 以及支持他们的敬业的老师和工作人员. 了解更多关于我的教育理念,关于我的有趣的事实,等等.


对于外行人来说, daily Bounders' activities appear simple enough: Groups of kids playing in the woods. But to any Carroll student who has passed through the school’s four-and-a-half acres of forest—affectionately known as Bounders Woods—the experience is far more meaningful, 有时, 甚至启示.

Bounders' Fire Mastery: Igniting Passions and Transformative Achievements in 中学

Within the Bounders Woods on the 中学 campus, there exists a yurt housing a special plaque. 这个空斑, 用树桩制作的, 名字是19岁的纳撒尼尔·罗斯和他弟弟, Calem罗斯. 两个兄弟姐妹, 纳撒尼尔是校友,卡莱姆现在是八年级学生, 获得了“消防大师”的称号.


We are pleased to announce the 莫林·麦奎尔·迈尔斯奖学金2023年 - Josh Mulready (MS Makers Teacher), Sierra Thibodeau(美国数学老师), Nicole Jones (MS英语语言艺术老师).


At 3,500人,并且每年都在增长, our 校友 family is a prestigious group whose post-Carroll journeys have taken diverse paths. 卡罗尔很幸运,他们渴望通过分享自己的经历来回馈社会. This year, we hosted twelve alums on Alumni Panels following Parent Visiting Days. 阅读更多关于他们的经历、观点和见解.

3 Campuses, 1 School: Connecting Community through Meaningful, Collaborative Projects

三个校区,一所学校. 在我们的工作中,我们围绕这一口号团结起来,建立全校的归属感. 自然, there are inherent challenges to ensuring that our students feel connected to each other when geographically dispersed. It’s the intentional planning of school leaders and dedicated educators that allows Carroll to connect the dots on the map. 最近的一个例子是Ruby Bridges Day.