Dr. rensame Greenfield,学校博客负责人
听听仁杰的看法 大声朗读这篇文章.

We’re off and running with a new school year, and the excitement—the 乐观——在教师和学生之间是显而易见的. Foundational to a Carroll education is collaboration with families, and that gets started right away with the first parent-teacher conference of the school year.

What I’ve learned working with parents is that they come to conferences with a mix of emotions. And they’re looking to schools and teachers to deliver on three key fronts:

  • 去了解和欣赏他们的孩子, 
  • 了解他们的孩子是如何学习的
  • 为他们的孩子制定计划.

在卡罗尔, 我们的方法是有目的和直接的, 并引发了一些非常有影响力的会议, 反过来, 学生的结果.

我们在会议期间的对话是关于学生 可以 他们在做什么,朝着什么方向努力. 我们的会议没有讨论我们的学生 不能做.



Our 9月 parent-teacher conferences are the first of f我们的—是的, 四种是在整个学年中发生的. Among public and other independent schools, we offer twice as many opportunities for conferencing. Reallocating six days of classroom instruction to conferences is an intentional choice, because we recognize the invaluable role they play in the growth of each student. 以下是整个学年的顺序:



  • We learn all we 可以 from new and returning families alike about their children—their strengths, 他们已经取得进展的领域, 以及他们想要发展的领域.
  • 我们和父母一起制定一年的目标.

11月 & 3月

  • 借鉴 data课堂的措施, 学术评估, and recent neuropsych reports—we’re able to share with parents their student’s progress across all domains: academic, 社会, 情感, 和行为.
  • We also learn from parents how their child is responding to their individualized learning plan and to any instructional adjustments that may have been implemented earlier in the school year.


  • 年终总结和下一学年的目标设定.
  • Many Grade 9 students as well as some middle schoolers participate in this final conference, 帮助他们锻炼自信, 自我意识, 自我辩护技巧.  


When parents arrive for their conferences, they don’t meet with one teacher or advisor. 他们与孩子的全部教学内容见面 团队通常是五只或更多的成虫. It’s an approach that epitomizes 我们的 deeply collaborative approach. 教育有阅读障碍的学生是 我们的 专业知识, and we’re eager to help families make sense of the neuroscience and data to better understand how their child learns. 家庭是 最终 experts of their kids and we rely on their observations and feedback. 当我们直接从父母那里了解他们的孩子, and when we come together to better understand 我们的 students and trust in one another’s 专业知识, 我们优化他们的进度. 我们也认识到每一位家长, 每一个家庭, is at a different place in their dyslexia j我们的ney; we meet them where they are.


Families don’t leave Carroll conferences wondering, “What’s next?“除了建立目标, every parent-teacher conference defines an explicit learning plan going forward, 不管这意味着坚持到底还是做出调整. Integrating what we learn about each and every student from 他们的家庭 is critical to the design of that plan.

So, 是的, when 9月’s installment of conferences got underway earlier this month, I felt inspired and energized by all that’s to come for 我们的 students this school year. 在卡罗尔, parent-teacher conferences are just one of the many ways that 我们的 students and families experience transformation and 归属感.

Are you a current Carroll family with a memorable parent-teacher conference story? 我邀请你和我一起分享 HOS@pacifitel.net.


Dr. rensame Greenfield,学校博客负责人

作为卡罗尔的家长,我的角色是什么? 我能做什么或者应该做什么来支持我的孩子? I’m asked this question often, particularly among families new to 我们的 community. 我很乐意提供一个具体的答案.

Dr. rensame Greenfield,学校博客负责人

在卡罗尔, 我们的 approach to parent-teacher conferences is purposeful and straightforward, 并引发了一些非常有影响力的会议, 反过来, 学生的结果. Learn how conferences are designed to support students throughout the school year and beyond.

Dr. rensame Greenfield,学校博客负责人

教孩子阅读的最好方法是什么? 关于阅读的争论已经酝酿了几十年. 最近, thanks to a newly named body of re搜索 exploring the science of reading, 它占据了新闻头条. 别误会我. I’m delighted by today’s energized discussion over how best to teach kids to read. It’s one of the most important conversations we 可以 have as a nation. 这是我想让大家注意的.

Pandemic Lessons: Carroll Learning Data Reveals Student Resilience
Dr. rensame Greenfield,学校博客负责人

上个月底, 《亚洲十大网上博彩》杂志发表的研究最多, 最全面的, global study to date on learning progress two-and-a-half years into the pandemic. The results—based on data provided from 15 countries (excluding low-income nations)—were sobering. In short, kids worldwide experienced learning deficits equal to ⅓ of a school year. 更重要的是, 现在差不多三年过去了, 有证据表明,这些赤字仍未得到弥补. 我很高兴地说,卡罗尔的学生们的故事是不同的.

Dr. rensame Greenfield,学校博客负责人

Every chance they get, Carroll educators celebrate student victories, big and small. 通过这样做, 他们不仅在完成的事情中培养快乐, 但在未来的学习中. 跟随他们的脚步, 本着年终反思的精神, I’ve created my own highlight reel of successes and s我们的ces of pride—in no particular order—from 2022. It feels important to pause and take stock of the tremendously meaningful work we engage in at Carroll. 更重要的是, writing it down has made me even more excited for all that lies ahead in 2023!

Dr. rensame Greenfield,学校博客负责人

The first time I heard the phrase “productive struggle” was in graduate school. I was in a math methods c我们的se, slogging through some pretty tough concepts. 我的教授正在尽她最大的努力鼓励我们, 安慰我们挣扎, 蒙混过关, 犯错误并不是失败的标志. In fact, in these very lurching efforts were the seeds of profound learning. 我一点也不知道, 二十多年后, the notion of productive struggle would be foundational to my work, 以及所有卡罗尔教育工作者的工作.

Dr. rensame Greenfield,学校博客负责人

上个月, Massachusetts passed a momentous and long-awaited piece of legislation requiring schools to screen young students for dyslexia and other learning differences at least twice a year. 7月1日开始, 2023, this right-to-read legislation will combat an entrenched wait-to-fail approach in the state’s public schools. 这跟卡罗尔社区有什么关系?

Dr. rensame Greenfield,学校博客负责人

当我们开始新学年的时候,它带来了所有的感觉. 所有的感觉都是欢迎的-来自我们的学生, 他们的家庭, 以及所有在卡罗尔工作的成年人. 上周我见到了新的家庭, I named some of the different feelings and emotions that may accompany joining the Carroll School community.

A Crisis Shines a Bright Light on What Is Truly Important: Teachers

Aside from the science of controlling pandemic threats to humanity, one of the most important lessons from the past year is that schools and teachers are far, 对我们的国家来说,比我们以前认为的要重要得多.